Education Faculty

Education class

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  • Emily Aalbers
    Emily Aalbers Education Department Manager
  • Cassie Wilson
    Cassie Wilson Education Programs Manager
  • Bridget Heddens
    Bridget Heddens Education Accessibility Coordinator
  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson
  • Elisabeth Berry
    Elisabeth Berry
  • Andrea Clements
    Andrea Clements
  • Kathi Crum
    Kathi Crum
  • Aimee Eddins
    Aimee Eddins
  • Lisa Engelken
    Lisa Engelken
  • Aria Faddis
    Aria Faddis
  • Jen GaNun
    Jen GaNun
  • Renu Gupta
    Renu Gupta
  • Katie Johnson
    Katie Johnson
  • Kebrina Josefina De Jesus
    Kebrina Josefina De Jesus
  • Ashley Kohl
    Ashley Kohl
  • Carolina Pahde
    Carolina Pahde
  • Michelle Pugh
    Michelle Pugh
  • Monica Parra
    Monica Parra
  • Rowan Salem
    Rowan Salem
  • Erika Sandre
    Erika Sandre
  • Jeannette Sharp Oakes
    Jeannette Sharp Oakes
  • Makena Sneed
    Makena Sneed
  • Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero
    Jeanette Trujillo-Lucero
  • Rachel Oliver Young
    Rachel Oliver Young
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